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China is a great place to travel for either work or for a vacation. Many people do business on a global scale now and attending meetings in China may be required. It can be a place to go in order to experience another world that is different from your own. Others travel to China as it is a good place to find a child to adopt that would otherwise grow up in an orphanage.

The place you will want to stay in China depends on why you are going there. You will find plenty of travel packages that offer you a chance to experience the various historical and fun locations around China. Knowing what you wish to see while you are there will help you to decide where to fly into and where to stay.

In addition to historical sites you will be able to see religious monuments, mountains, art galleries, museums, and more. You should plan to stay in China for at least a week to ten days in order to be able to cover a great deal of the locations and events offered. You don’t want to travel all that distance and then leave disappointed because you didn’t get to see all you wanted to.


The weather can change rapidly in China so make sure you are prepared for it. You should wear clothing in layers so you can add and remove items as you need to. The mornings are cool and then again in the evening time they will be as well. You will need to prepare yourself for a time difference too as chances are China will be many hours different than where you traveled from.

You will need to have a passport and a Visa in order to travel to China. Make sure you apply for these items early as it can take up to six weeks for them to be processed. Generally China is very free with approving these Visas but there are times when they stop due to issues in their country or around the world.

There are plenty of great hotels to stay at while you are in China too. You will have not trouble securing one in the area you wish to be in. You can choose to rent a car or to use public modes of transportation while you are in China. The train is a very common method of commuting.

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